Wonder Workshop

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Last year I worked as a consultant for a Silicon Valley startup – which is now named Wonder Workshop. They were creating a little robot-toy, whose mission was to help kids to have a head start on computer programming through interactive playing. I worked with them mostly consulting for story and character – at the time they were trying to figure out what kind of playing and interaction would be cool to happen between the robots and kids; and what role storytelling and character would have in their project. I had tons of fun consulting for them. They are a bunch of cool people with very clever ideas and some very good intentions. The main people were really good at what they do, having worked at some of the top design and technology companies around (IDEO, Google etc) – so, they were solid. The robots are almost ready for shipping, and I can’t wait to get mine. Stella is very curious about computers, and we want her to have the right idea about it: computers are not a screen to sit in front of doing stupid stuff without thinking; it is a tool for imagination, that you can use to invent new things and create new worlds, to form communities around ideas, and to communicate with other people close and far. I think the people who formed Wonder Workshop share the same vision. They are releasing two robots: Dash  and Dot. Dash is the bigger robot, and dot is his “side kick”. Honestly, I’m overdue to learn some programming, and I think playing with a robot will probably be the best way to do that.

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Kids & Art

Yesterday I spent the afternoon volunteering for Kids & Art Foundation – a very special organization that exists to support kids affected by cancer, their families and siblings. They connect kids with local artists, and  we make art together. This past Sunday they had one of their events at the Peninsula Art Museum in Burlingame. I worked with 3 kids and we spent the afternoon together – creating, playing with colors and textures, having ideas, laughing, and having fun. Here’s one of the kids that worked with me yesterday – he was awesome! The theme of yesterday was “home” and his piece came out really good! If you want to learn more about Kids&Art check their site here http://www.kidsandart.org/ and please support their IndieGoGo Campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cancer-sucks-art-heals   #cancersucksarthealsKids&Art_small

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Novo Site para a coleção “No Caminho das Artes”

The book series  “No Caminho das Artes”  – the one I’ve been slowly writing and publishing in Brazil in the past many years – got a brand new site and blog. Yay! For a long time I wanted to give it a place on the internet, where I could showcase each one of the 5 books, and where i could have an on-going dialogue with the reader. Well, I finally have that place!

I love this series of books. They do have my own style, and I made them with so much love (and lots of research and hard work as well…). They are my labor of love. In the new site I will post many different things related to the subject matter of the books – videos, stories and images related to different forms of art. And, of course, the site is geared towards my readers – mostly kids and early teens.

I am very bad in blogging, but am trying to get better… maybe you’ve notice that between April of 2010 and October of 2014 I have completely forgotten that I even had this Blog… but hey, I had my first daughter, got married, bought a house, moved to a new city and got a new job – basically, I was busy living life! But now things have settled down, and I feel I have more time and head space to be creative, work on my projects and – i promise! – to write in not one, but two blogs. Anyway, if you want to check the blog of my book series, here it is:



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My new book “Arquitetura capa– a arte de criar espaços” is out. It was published in Brazil by Saraiva Editora. Amazingly, i didn’t see it yet, or rather, I saw it through skype. Ha! Well, if you are in Brazil, you can check it out and let me know if you like it. I was really into writing and illustrating this one. Did tons of research, and learned so many things. Being concise is the most difficult aspect of writing this kind of book. The subject matter is so extense, but i had only 80 pages to play with. Had to find my way through it, kind of like a photographer does when pointing a camera to a tiny part of this big universe. If you want one now, here’s where you get it: buy book

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This is What i Said

This is a clip from my short talk at the opening of my shadow boxes exhibition. Maybe you were not there, and so, this is what i said:

Raquel’s Talk at Art Opening from David Curtis on Vimeo.

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Puppet in Progress 01

Puppet in Progress is a journal documenting the making of my “Meta Puppet”.


It all started with a skeleton made of sculpture wire:

It all started with a simple skeleton made of sculpture wire

It all started with a simple skeleton made of sculpture wire

Then i made a skeleton for the hands, using a picture frame hanger and sculpture wire:

Skeleton of the hand, in progress

Skeleton of the hand

This is the finished skeleton for the hands:

Finished hand skeleton

Finished hand skeleton

Then i modeled the head using DAS pronto clay. I bought glass eyes at the Paxton Gate store in San Francisco, e glued them in wooden balls. I’m planning to attach the eyes to the head later. Right now they are loose, i just placed them in the eyes socket to show you what type of look i’m going for.

Head in progress, no hair

Head in progress, no hair

I modeled the hands using “Bake and Bend” sculpey. It’s the first time i’m using this clay, and i am hopping it wil work. It bends all right, but i want to see how long it will last…



For the wig, i used a mesh and some wool. This wool looks awesome, and is hand dyed. It cost me a fortune! But hey, it’s for a noble use!

Wig Materials

Wig Materials

Here you can see how i thread the wool into the mesh. Easy process, cool looking results!

Wool threaded on mesh

Wool threaded on mesh

…and here is how the head of the puppet is looking so far…

Head in Progress

Head in Progress

More coming soon…

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“Palo Alto Weekly” article

I was happy about this article about the Shadow Boxes exhibit – it came out in the “Palo Alto Weekly”. The article captured the atmosphere of the opening night, which was truly amazing. If you were not able to be there, you may like reading this. The full article can be read in this link here (page 22) .

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Opening night

Last night was the opening of my shadow box show, at the Mohr Gallery. Very nice event! The work was looking beautiful and the event was really elegant. There was a good vibe all over the place, and everybody had a great time. I talked a bit about the creative process, puppets, theater, books etc, and the guests had very good questions, which made for a nice dialogue about the pieces.

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Do you already know How to Make a Baby?


Good news: our short film, How to Make a Baby, is heading for the silver screen! It will be in the competitive shorts program at the wonderfully named Disposable Film Festival. The big event is Thursday, March 4th at 8pm at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater. Sure, you’ve seen it on the internet. But the Roxie’s screen is, like, a million feet wide! How big is your screen? You can buy tickets in advance if you like, and there’s a party next door after the screening. Come hang out with us and all the other disposables!

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Shadow Box Show

I have an exhibition of my shadow boxes coming up soon at the Morh Gallery. The opening is Friday, February 12th at 6pm. Looking forward to it!



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